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We offer our partners and expert anglers a number of benefits:


  • Business promotion activities
  • Service use (guiding/coaching competitions)
  • Free upgraded accounts
  • Referral bonuses


All we ask is you share our passion for a sustainable sport, with respect for all species and the environment as a whole.

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Finygo Consultants

Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds

Carp angler with over thirty years fishing experience based in Oxfordshire in the South East of England.

Ian Gemson

Ian is a keen angler with a background stretching back to childhood of avid coarse and successful match fishing. Ian has completed the Professional Anglers Association (PAA) level 2 coaching course organised by 1st4Sport which officially qualifies him as an angling coach. He founded Smart Carping in 2006 and offers personalised fishing tuition to help you achieve the best from the sport and enhance your skills.


Richard Handel holding a carp
Richard Handel

Passionate about fishing since a young age, his main target fish are Carp and Pike, but he does love river fishing as well. Richard has always kept a record of his fishing trips so when he found the Finygo app he found it a great way of replacing his traditional pen and notepad and the move to becoming a fishing consultant was the obvious next step.

Mike Lonsdale
Mike Lonsdale

Introduced to fishing by his Grandad & Father; he is now a Qualified G.A.I.A. Fly fishing instructor himself, teaching beginners & intermediate anglers in the UK. ‘What I find interesting about flyfishing is you never stop learning & evolving’.

Paul Holland
Paul Holland

Match angler concentrating on the individual style matches throughout the UK.

Andy Bennett

Match fishing championship winner based out of the North of England.

Colin Scott
Colin Scott

Up and coming multi-discipline angler who loves the variety of our sport!

Debbie Hanson
Debbie Hanson

Women’s sport fishing advocate, outdoor writer and blogger at

Finygo Partner Organisations

Fishability UK Logo
Fishability UK

FISHABILITY UK provides fishing experiences for ex-forces personnel who are receiving physical or psychological rehabilitation.

shefishes icon

Fishing resources and tips for the empowered female angler.

Ladies Carp Academy Logo
Ladies Carp Academy

The Ladies Carp Academy is an event for female anglers to learn more about and improve their knowledge of carp fishing. Open to all abilities it is an opportunity for 12 female anglers to up skill themselves or learn the very basics. Whether a beginner or intermediate angler this event is open to you to learn from some of the best (England Ladies Carp Team).

The ladies will have the chance to improve their casting, bait presentation and application and much more. More events are planned for 2018.


Manufacturers and suppliers of top quality fishing tackle and baits that actually assist you, the angler, in catching more fish.

Ethical Angler

Ethical Angler’s mission is to promote good stewardship, conservation and angling awareness within the fishing community.
Their goal is to spread the word on why it is so important to fish responsibly.
Every angler should not only know the basics of fishing but have the knowledge of how to fish ethically.
They strive to better educate all anglers on the principles, practices and procedures of being an Ethical Angler.
Their hopes and dreams are to have the entire fishing population join the movement to “Preserve Your Passion”.

Commercial Masters Fishing Coaching Logo
Commercial Masters Fishing Coaching

Commercial Masters is a format of online fishing coaching. We develop videos that concentrate on a specific fishing method each month that is relevant to the time of year.

Fish And Fly Logo
Fish & Fly

The largest fly fishing and coarse angling media group in the world.

World Carp Masters Logo
World Carp Masters

The World Carp Masters is the largest and highest paid carp fishing tournament in the world.