Why We Created Finygo

We wanted a fishing app that:


  • Could put the right information in our hands, at the right time and place
  • Would help us research our trips based on our history and that of the venues we fish
  • Would help us share our tactics and tips with only the people we wanted to
  • Made the laborious task of log entry fast, easy and enjoyable


We couldn’t find a fishing app that do that, we created one in Finygo!

Who We Are

We’re all anglers ourselves – bar one, and we’re working on her – and we’re all experts in our own fields.


Harry and his catch
Matt Cudworth

Chief Product Officer

Matt (aka Harry) started fishing at the age of four as his father was also a keen angler. He’s an avid all-rounder, from fly fishing for salmon to match fishing at some of the country’s most prolific venues. In short, if it swims he’ll have a go at catching it! Matt’s focused, analytical approach to…

Alex and her catch
Alex Miljus

Brand Ninja

Alex got the fishing bug on our first investor meeting and having caught her first wild Grayling a few months later, she’s hooked! She’s run successful, high-performing marketing teams for many leading software companies. She’s got great business sense and a passion for creatively attracting people to a brand.

Christy Haragan
Christy Haragan

Chief Technical Officer

Christy is the ‘smarts’ behind the Finygo technology. What she doesn’t know about technology is not worth writing on the quantum wave function of a boson. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, all you need to know is she works tirelessly to put the science behind Finygo. She also plays football. How’s that for…

Abi Millar Image
Abi Millar

Head Of Support

Abi lives on the Isle of Man and is lucky enough to be surrounded by sea, reservoirs and rivers. When she isn’t being the trailer driver for her husband’s boat, she’s out walking, biking and generally loving the outdoors. Abi has been supporting customers for many years so helping people is in her nature.

Becky Jones
Becky Jones

Head of Growth

Based in the North East Becky is passionate about all things fishing and communicating the Finygo story. Her marketing experience in global businesses means she knows how to bring the brand to life across all channels.  As a mum to two young children a lot of free time is spent out and about, exploring the…

Betty & Louie Beagle

Chief Morale Officers

Definitely not your standard beagles. As key members of the Finygo team, they keep everyone fit to perform at their best, laughing due to all their antics and alert, as Louie shows how easy it is to open doors!

Katy on a speedboat
Katy Atkinson (Co-Founder)

Chief Operations Officer

Give Katy the option, she’d rather be outside running, walking her two beagles, watching a day’s fly fishing or sat on a boat sea fishing. As a Channel-Alliances Manager and Customer Manager, Katy knows how to ensure operations run smoothly. At Finygo she’s the flywheel, that’s why everything runs so smoothly!

Chris and Salmon
Chris Atkinson (Founder)


Chris was taught to fish by his father, but it was his local gamekeeper who taught him fly fishing. His favourite spots are the Rivers Ribble and Hodder, where he targets Atlantic Salmon, Grayling and Brown Trout. His experience in leading software companies as a Product Manager and Solutions Architect means he knows how to…

Finygo UK Limited

Company number: 09860892

Registered Office:  Finygo UK Ltd, 7 Goodchild Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2EN

Registered: England and Wales