Easily Build Your Fishing History


Automatically Adds Your Fishing Spots

When you start recording a trip, Finygo will automatically find your location and detect your fishing spots.  Then all you have to do is add your catches.


Automatically Adds the Weather

Any trip you add, either live or past, Finygo will automatically add the weather conditions for that day.  Pretty useful when looking at your most successful trips.


Secure Sharing

Whenever you add a new trip to Finygo, you will have the option to choose how much information you want to share and with who. There are 4 different privacy settings so we reckon we’ve got you covered.

Use Your History To Boost Your Catches


Discover Hotspots

Looking for a new place to fish? The Analysis screen will show you fishing hotspots in your area with the trips added from other anglers; well, the ones that wanted to share anyway!


Find Your Best Fishing Spots and Tactics

Finygo will show you heat maps of your most successful fishing spots at your favourite locations and you can review your best tactics on the days you got it right.

Track Your Progress

One of the best things about fishing is your sense of achievement and improvement over time.

Now you can track that improvement in a fishing app.

See your performance at your favourite venues and track your best days.

Location Notes

Remember Important Features

Never forget features and information on your fishing spots with this fishing app.

Just take a photo of the spot, tag the relevant areas with the all the key details from your fishing trip and it’s recorded.

Want to share them with your friends? You can do that or keep them to yourself.

Location Notes

Analyse Previous Successes

You already know that weather alters fish behaviour, and you might know when the best time is to go fishing. The hard part is figuring out the patterns and trends for all those different weather and water conditions, which areas to fish, and with which tactics.

Traditionally, the best anglers used journals to identify these patterns. Now you can get the same information but without the pain of a journal. Use finygo to identify which baits and locations worked best in certain conditions with ease, and make your experience count.

Improve With Your Friends

Most of us share our tactics with people we know, but it’s always difficult to remember everything you were told by the time you get to the waterside.

Now you can share your past experiences and those waterside tips with your closest friends with ease. Create your own secure group, where you control what you share and with whom and you can choose to share your catches on Facebook.

Sending and receiving information to help you and your friends be successful just got a whole lot easier.