Evening the score – a bit!

Aug 16 salmon

A while back, I told the tale of my ‘Nemesis’ beat on the River Ribble in Lancashire, where if it’s possible for something to go wrong, it will. Last weekend it was with no little sense of unease that I found myself in the latter stages of in-house Finygo testing in the car park at that Nemesis beat, with Alex our head of marketing.


The conditions were what can only be described as ‘breezy’. Casting a fly in the wind is not easy, casting it in a force 8 bluster, doubly so, and Alex as a new fisherwomen was going to struggle, but no pain, no gain. On getting to the river however it was in fine condition about 2ft up, and holding pretty steady, having been up for over 24 hours, prospects for a Silver Tourist looked promising.

We passed through a couple of pools without seeing a fish, but as I often do when I start to feel that the fishing is a lost cause, I start to imagine the feel of the pull on the line and a take. After 4 hours though, I had only a small trout to show for my efforts, but did meet a fine chap called Hugh spinning the same pool as I. We had a long chat, chewed the fat, and while he chatted to Alex and showed her the basics of a spinning setup, I continued down the pool.

Fish on!

As I worked my way down, I experimented with a few different casting angles, working the fly faster then slower, and then throwing one almost directly across the river and letting it swing through. And that’s when it happened, a strong pull. Not like a typical Ribble Salmon I have to say, this was just a solid thud, then a few more thud thuds. It could have been a very large trout, I thought. Then I woke up, smelt the coffee, pulled the rod into the bank and shouted “Fish on”!

Is someone actually going to move?!

Now I like to get below my fish before I really put a big bend in the rod, so I furiously reeled in while wading downstream as fast as I could. All I could think was ‘Don’t’ come off!’. As I reeled fast, I looked behind me to see Alex and Hugh calmly watching 100m behind me, having not moved an inch!!! I was thinking ‘What the hell! I have a Salmon on!!’

Just as I was about to ask them (less than politely) to get their arses into gear and help net the fish the fish rolled on the top. This seemed to be the impetus they needed, having not quite believed I had a Salmon at all! What ensued was a short hard fight, where with the 12lb line and a slack back current, I was able to navigate the fish out of the water into Hugh’s waiting net.


I have evened the score a little now, but the nemesis beat is still winning 9 -2 and has an aggregate score (based on size lost) which I am unable to get near!

Until next time, Nemesis!


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