No hooks: the frustrations of a beginner

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That’s not Entirely True… I Hooked Myself

If you’ve a sharp metal hook flying around on a piece of thin line, it’s fairly obvious you’re gonna get it in you somewhere. That’s why I always wear my hat and glasses – even if it’s 24 degrees. And I’ve become practised now at holding the hook so I don’t stab my finger when I’m trying to cast it out. But ******* me, I not expect to get it in my arm! Not that it hurt. But the thought that I hadn’t squished the barb meant I had to sit down (yep I’m a pansy!) as thankfully Chris removed it using a tourniquet and pliers.

Back to the Point of the Blog

I’ve had several outings the past few months, but I’ve struggled. Either the fish weren’t biting or I didn’t realise they had and so didn’t strike. Lots of flies tried, although I remained conservative and didn’t go for anything too random. I watched with intense jealousy as Chris landed a couple using Hywel Morgan’s recommended French Leader method, wondering why I hadn’t bought the setup? But more importantly, what am I doing wrong?!!! Or is it just that the fish are that smart?

I’m Definitely Learning

I’m getting very practised at tying my knots, and fairly quickly, although so would anyone else given how many flies I’ve lost after hooking trees and reeds. My casting is also getting better, given as I don’t carry a chainsaw to chop down the trees and hedges. I’m developing a much better understanding of why certain flies work – especially when you can see the fish watching and following certain ones. Boy, from all I’m learning I’m gonna be good…..right?!?

But fishing is as much about perseverance and I have lots of that. And all it takes is for me to see the water and I wish I had my rod to see if I can get a catch.

Tight lines, Alex


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