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  • Free upgraded accounts
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All we ask is you share our passion for a sustainable sport, with respect for all species and the environment as a whole.

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Finygo Consultants

Andrew Pritchard

An all rounder angler Andrew enjoys all aspects and types of fishing – he has also been known to fish matches in both fresh and saltwater. You can guarantee that wherever there are fish to be caught he’ll be there!!

Chris- Jervis
Chris Jervis

Chris is a passionate carp angler who loves spending time on the bank. It’s not always about catching for Chris he just loves to be outdoors watching and learning! He is also a team member for Hull Particle and runs an online business called Viper Tackle Ltd.

Rhian Bomber

Rhian is an all-round angler based in South Wales, UK.

Jamie Rich

Jamie is a mad keen match angler who also likes fishing abroad for more exotic species.

Lee Chamberlain

Lee is funny and easy going, but when it comes to fishing it has to be “just so” and never “that’ll do”! 

Killey Harvey

Killey is a keen carp fisherman with 20 years experience, when not out on the bank he enjoys spending family time with his wife and 6 amazing daughters.

Matt Lane

Matt is Team Pallatrax Manager –  Fish, Fishery and Environmental welfare as well as safe and successful participation in the sport for all is his passion.

Anthony Wood

An experienced angler, Anthony has been fishing for 34 years. He currently works as a social media manager, website content manager, promotional team manager, author and business owner with his clients being in the fishing industry.

Adam-Chumbley Angler
Adam Chumbley

Based in the North East, Adam is a fishing Father that is learning all the time, he’s happy to blank as long as he’s out fishing and can blog about it later!

Wynand Booysen
Wynand Booysen

Wynand is from South Africa and passionate about carp angling. A family man and sports lover he can often be found fishing at his local syndicate with his brother. Wynand is also a consultant for Karper Ltd and BMG Tackle.  

Scott Eyre

Scott is an everyday guy with a huge passion for carp fishing. Scott is also a consultant for Bait Tech and Hobo Armour

Man holding a large common carp fish
Brian Dixon

With 25 years fishing experience Brian is as happy chasing carp on a quiet private lake as he is hunting barbel on his local river. A full time family man, he also owns and runs Talking Carp magazine and manages the social media for Pallatrax and Brooms Cross Fishery as well as working nights in…

Corrie Booysen
Corrie Booysen

Corrie Booysen is a carp angler from South-Africa that does carp angling, because it speaks to his soul. Corrie is also a consultant for Karper Ltd and BMG Tackle.

Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds

Carp angler with over thirty years fishing experience based in Oxfordshire in the South East of England.

Richard Handel holding a carp
Richard Handel

Passionate about fishing since a young age, his main target fish are Carp and Pike, but he does love river fishing as well. Richard has always kept a record of his fishing trips so when he found the Finygo app he found it a great way of replacing his traditional pen and notepad and the…

Mike Lonsdale
Mike Lonsdale

Introduced to fishing by his Grandad & Father; he is now a Qualified G.A.I.A. Fly fishing instructor himself, teaching beginners & intermediate anglers in the UK. ‘What I find interesting about flyfishing is you never stop learning & evolving’.

Paul Holland
Paul Holland

Match angler concentrating on the individual style matches throughout the UK.

Andy Bennett

Match fishing championship winner based out of the North of England.

Colin Scott
Colin Scott

Up and coming multi-discipline angler who loves the variety of our sport!

Debbie Hanson
Debbie Hanson

Women’s sport fishing advocate, outdoor writer and blogger at

Finygo Partner Organisations

Karper Ltd

KARPER is a manufacturer and retailer of specialist carp fishing hook baits, pellets, floaterz, energiser syrups and freezer range boilies. A KARPER clothing range is also available.  

Crowthorne Angling Centre

Crowthorne Angling Centre is a diverse tackle shop covering most aspects of fishing including Carp, River, Coarse and Predator, and are always here to help.

Holme Grange Fishery

Holme Grange Fishery is a great family run lake packed with roach up to 3lb and carp to 30b +

Freshwater Informer

The essential reading for any coarse fishing person in the South East of England. Freshwater Informer provides match reports, fisheries, reviews and articles.

TackleBox TV

Fishing TV will never be the same again. Home of the product free primetime. All the top anglers, all the top brands, all of the time

Quality Fishing Tackle

Quality Fishing Tackle are an online sales platform dedicated to providing fellow anglers with high quality angling products at incredibly competitive prices. Their aim is to continually bring an array of fishing tackle and baits, for all disciplines, at amazing prices – far below those on the High Street – to their customers.

Carp Particles UK logo
Carp Particles UK

Carp Particles UK is a specialist bait company, offering a range of shelf-life and frozen particle products.  They are passionate about providing you with top grade fishing bait, proudly producing only 100% natural and fish friendly products. Their products contain a variety of seeds and pulses and are mixed with other natural products.  Carp Particles…

Talking Carp Magazine Logo
Talking Carp

Talking Carp is a totally free to read e-magazine for carp anglers. The first issue was launched on the 1st of January 2016 and has gone from strength to strength since then. A magazine written by the angler for the angler, bringing you articles, hints, tips and stories from around the carp world. Talking Carp…

Fishability UK Logo

FISHABILITY UK provides fishing experiences for ex-forces personnel who are receiving physical or psychological rehabilitation.

shefishes icon

Fishing resources and tips for the empowered female angler.

Ladies Carp Academy Logo
Ladies Carp Academy

The Ladies Carp Academy is an event for female anglers to learn more about and improve their knowledge of carp fishing. Open to all abilities it is an opportunity for 12 female anglers to up skill themselves or learn the very basics. Whether a beginner or intermediate angler this event is open to you to…


Manufacturers and suppliers of top quality fishing tackle and baits that actually assist you, the angler, in catching more fish.

Ethical Angler

Ethical Angler’s mission is to promote good stewardship, conservation and angling awareness within the fishing community. Their goal is to spread the word on why it is so important to fish responsibly. Every angler should not only know the basics of fishing but have the knowledge of how to fish ethically. They strive to better…

Commercial Masters Fishing Coaching Logo
Commercial Masters Fishing Coaching

Commercial Masters is a format of online fishing coaching. We develop videos that concentrate on a specific fishing method each month that is relevant to the time of year.

Fish And Fly Logo
Fish & Fly

The largest fly fishing and coarse angling media group in the world.

World Carp Masters Logo
World Carp Masters

The World Carp Masters is the largest and highest paid carp fishing tournament in the world.