Why is Research So Darn Hard?!

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As a new angler, I’m spending a lot of time trying to learn as much as I can about the sport. I know that nothing replaces time on the bank or in the boat when you’re learning, but when I can’t get out and fish, I can at least do my research. But I’m finding it hard.

It’s Like Reading The Encyclopaedia Online
I do most of my research on the computer – reading lots and lots of web pages from magazines, angling forums and pro-angler advice. Sometimes doing a search is helpful… often it’s not. But funnily enough if I talk to someone, I pretty much always get what I need.

It’s Like Opening The Kimono

Right now, nothing is as good as talking to more experienced anglers in person and they can choose how much or how little information they want to share with me. Other sources can be a bit all or nothing. The venue catch book or a post on Facebook will tell you some things, but most people know that that’s publicly accessible. Understandably people don’t want to give away their best tactics, saving that information and the spot for their nearest and dearest. But it makes research hard – how can I see what tactics work, or which fishing spots work so I’m better prepared before I head out?

We Need Selective Sharing

What I am learning is the need to be able to share certain parts of my fishing experience with some people and all of it with others. I don’t want it to be an ‘everything or nothing’ choice. For some of my groups, I want to share my fishing tactics but not the fishing spots, but other times I’d only want to share some of the tactics with those groups. For my friends, maybe I’d want to share the fishing spots and some of the tactics. And for my best friend…  well I’m only going to share my tactics, he’s a better angler so he can figure out the spots!

Could It Be Easier To Learn?

Absolutely it could! By seeing information in one place so I can do some analysis on the types of tactics that work well for everyone catching a species of fish or at a specific fishing spot – without seeing the individual’s secrets. Maybe seeing which stretch of river has had the most catches recorded so I can plan where to fish. Or maybe by reading a report of how someone else has fished that location. Now that’d be handy.

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