Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my GPS accuracy?

There could be a few things that cause this:

  • The type of phone you have and also where in the world you are actually sat all matter when it comes to a GPS signal. Even if the path being tracked on the app is all over the place, Finygo should still pick out the correct fishing spot. If it doesn’t you can add this in yourself by clicking on ‘Add Spot’ and tapping on your map.
  • Some phone cases and portable chargers can also interfere with your phone’s GPS. Try taking your phone out of the case or using a different one and the GPS should get better.


How can I improve my battery life while I am running Finygo?

  • If Finygo is on while you are driving around in your car, this is probably because your poor GPS has got to boost its signal to get outside of your steel shell and also work harder as you travel. If you are running Finygo whilst in your car just remember to plug it into a power supply.
  • One of the best features of Finygo is that you don’t need a mobile signal to use it. Battery life in places where your phone is struggling to pick up a mobile signal will drain your phone’s battery life fast. Using Finygo with your mobile phone switched onto airplane mode or even with data switched off will make your battery last a lot longer.
  • Switching your phone to low power mode or battery saver mode will also increase your battery life without affecting the GPS accuracy.


How do I make my trips private – I don’t want to share!

Whenever you add a new fishing trip, you can decide on the privacy setting for sharing with groups and use a different setting for sharing with the Finygo Community.

We have 4 different settings for you to choose from and we are sure one of them will be exactly what you need:

  • Hidden: Keep your location completely private, but share your tactics. Great for secretive souls, or guides who want to keep their spots a secret.
  • Venue: Keep your precise fishing spots a secret, but share your tactics. Good for keeping those secret spots hidden but letting people know where you fished generally.
  • Location: Share precise fishing spots and paths you took, as well as your tactical prowess. People will love you.
  • Competition: Share precise fishing spots and paths you took, your tactics are secret. Good for sharing your competition results but keeping your tactics secret.


Can I change the units of measurement?

Of course! This can be done in the app under ‘Me’, ‘Settings’, ‘Region’ where you can then change each unit individually or if you selected the wrong region when you first installed the app, you can change this at the bottom.


What if I don’t remember the exact weather conditions when adding a past trip?

Finygo will automatically add the weather conditions for the day of your trip when you add it.


Why won’t Finygo launch on my phone or tablet?

Finygo is currently only compatible with Android devices with more than 1.5GB of RAM running version 5.2 and above.

Still snagged?

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  • What’s happened – attaching screenshots really helps
  • If you get an error message, let us know which one
  • Did you have data access or not at the time of the problem

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