When work just gets in the way of good fishing…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Glenda Powell of the Blackwater fishery for the second time, in what is rapidly becoming an annual pilgrimage! The conditions for last year’s trip were tough, requiring us to be up at 4am to get on the river, and fish the dusk hard for any chance of fish. This year the changeable weather and higher river conditions were promising a totally different experience. What I didn’t realise is that this experience would mainly consist of me watching the Finygo Fishpert, Harry, hook into fish after fish after fish, while I had an unfortunate crisis of confidence!

Back to Glenda’s office

The first day looked promising, fishing through ‘Glenda’s office’ I had a strong take, a thump-thump, but then the fish let go. A damn fine start! After this, however, little happened. At least for me. I’m a little preoccupied with work at the moment with Finygo launching its pre-release in just three weeks time. With my mind wandering on to work subjects, I really struggled to relax into the fishing, and concentrate on what I was doing. Harry in the meantime hooked, and lost no less than 4 fish! At this point I have to say I was not enjoying myself, the fishing was superb, the company brilliant, I had just lost my fishing mojo.

A good night’s sleep

Sometimes an early night (9pm!) is all you need to get your mojo back. I am happy to say the next day I returned to my normal fanaticism. Placing work firmly out of my mind, I was finally able to relax, enjoy the cast, and just settle in to the day’s fishing. And what do you know, I managed to get a Salmon! Happily day dreaming, chatting with Glenda, a fine 5lbs Grilse snaffled my fly.

Day 3 – I don’t remember ordering sunshine?

The next day the conditions changed, as the bright sun came out which I never really fancy for fishing on the river, the river rose with new water and the fish just got their heads down and ran like crazy. I did manage to hook and lose a fish in the tail of a large pool while stripping the line back for the next cast. Nothing I could do, a solid thumb, splash and off. When I mentioned this to Noel, Glenda’s partner, he asked me simply “Was that in the tail in the ‘v’?” to which I commented yes, and he nodded knowingly. I presume this is a regular taking spot then! Harry however was still on form and had yet another fish!

The Final Day

More brilliant sunshine, and still quite a few fish running, but I just felt that on the beat we were on, I was not covering the lies. Fish were running but neither Harry nor I had a touch. If only we had a guide, but they were fully booked!

Until Next Year!

This was a great trip, Glenda, and Noel are so welcoming , their expertise is solid, and they really look after you! I can’t wait until the 3rd pilgrimage, and perhaps this time I will even the score with Harry.


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